Our Activity

SICRENS S.r.L. operates primarily in the Telecommunications sector and in particular of Radio Communications, offering its assets and expertise in the design, development and testing of systems and subsystems analog and digital, and in particular :
  • design and development of circuits and digital solutions implemented in ASIC, FPGA, DSP and in general all the platforms and devices of digital signal processing.
  • design of electronic boards for applications of control, communication, power electronics, etc.
  • design and development of systems for data transport applications, wi-fi in public and private areas, control and management systems, systems of automatic testing, intelligent systems of surveillance, etc.

SICRENS S.r.L. also offers developments, systems and turnkey solutions in the field of Digital Processing of the images and Computer Vision, and then for example in all those solutions in which a monitoring or surveillance performed in the traditional manner can be replaced by automated systems able then to collect and organise any information required in centralized or distributed databases.

SICRENS S.r.L. boasts between its skills technical experts in the field of Renewable Energies, and is therefore able to offer services for the diagnosis and monitoring energy use, and turnkey plant solutions.

Given the wide spectrum of skills available in the Company, SICRENS S.r.L. is able to carefully evaluate each opportunity for optimum business also in other areas of the general electronics, systems engineering and telecommunications.